A direct descendant of Peter Hibbs, able seaman on the First Fleet, Master of the HMS Norfolk with the explorers Bass and Flinders, I grew up with boats.


    I've read the books, I've seen the movies. But for the hands-on submarine experience I recommend a visit to the Western Australian Maritime Museum in Freemantle  or the Australian Maritime Museum in Sydney . Don't tell me what a wonderful movie Das Boot is.

(Many people have.) I know. I've seen it, and I've read the book. But, actually going down a conning tower, being inside the belly of the beast, is an experience that brings the vessel to life.

    It's hard to believe that during World War 2 men were assigned to submarine duty without being asked.

    Want to know why it's hard? Visit one and find out.

 HMAS Ovens, Freemantle

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2019  Margaret Walker